Chubby cheeks layout

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Chubby cheeks layout

[LEFT]This is my adorable DD at 3 days old. She was so tiny when this picture was taken (6 lbs 5 oz), but she had the cutest chubby cheeks I've ever seen. We could even see her chubby cheeks on the ultrasound![/LEFT]



Pieces of You Wordart - Tina Chambers
Magic paper and elements - Natasha Nast (freebie)
Worn and Torn Frames - Linda Gil Billdal
Flower freebie - Tina Chambers
Loosely Labled Alpha - Katie Pertiet
Grandma's Pressed Flowers - Gina Huff
Have a Heart elements - Pattie Knox
Boys Tags - Dani Alencar
Staple - Wonderful Kit - Vera Lim
Skinny Minis Ribbons - Christina Renee[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Font - DSP Fiona, Courtney Dorkling[/LEFT]

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Beautiful, Trina! Love the simplicity and the way the gorgeous picture is the focus!

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Beautiful! THat pic is just priceless

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that's great. Loving that pic!

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So cute! The colors and design again rocks.

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great LO!

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This is a precious photo and a precious LO!

I just adore your style!

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Oh my! Those cheeks are so cute!!! I love them. You did a great job on the layout!

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Just gorgeous.

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So stinkin adorable. Can I lift it?

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I can't believe she had those cheeks at 3 days! too cute for words! and I love that you did a page just for her cheeks. Wink

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I LOVE that!!!! its beautiful