circle cutters and other shapes for pictures

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circle cutters and other shapes for pictures

hey ladies i thought i would post on here and see if u have any recommendations for the cutters/punches/templates that you use to cut your pictures into different shapes like circles and ovals etc.

i'm looking to buy these possibly this weekend but wanted to see what recommendations u may have as to good quality but not expensive and above all do not tear the pictures.

thanks so much in advance ladies.

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This is what my mom uses and she loves it. I can't find the one I use at the moment so I don't know what brand it is Sad

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I don't cut my pictures into shapes, I will trim them with my paper cutter if I want to cut them. I have heard good things about the Creative Memories circle cutters.

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I use a cutter that's like this one... not this brand but similar

I have some stencils that I bought to go with it. Will look at the brand later.

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I don't have any, but my friend swears by cm cutters.

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I used to use a Fiskars set that I think I got at AC Moore (orange plastic stencily-looking things) - HATED it!!! I had a hard time holding them still enough; they always slid around and I would end up with a little jagged piece on one part of the circle/oval. I don't remember the blade making a nice cut, either.

Now I use the creative memories set. LOVE it!!!! Smile It makes a very smooth cut, and after getting it down with a few practice cuts on scrap paper, I don't think I have ever messed up when cutting a picture! It really works great!

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