Clear plastic page cover thingees ? LOL

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Clear plastic page cover thingees ? LOL

So I'm getting to the point where I finally need to add pages to Austin's scrapbook. Smile So not sure best place to buy or even how to add them. All I need is the clear covers, right? Is Walmart the cheapest, and do they come one size fits all books? I'm sure DH can figure how to open book and add them. TIA

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WalMart would have them probably one of the cheaper places. I'm not sure where the cheapest place to get them is. It's not too difficult to add them. I think they'll come in either 12x12 or 8.5x11.

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Walmart and Target. I think I get ten for around $3 or $4. Its been a while since I bought them.

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It depends on the kind of book you have, where you got your book and the size. The brand of book you have will have a certain kind of page refills that you need. The reason you have to get the specific kind is because they way they are held in the book are different from other books. Some have the screws and some have a ribbon method.