Clear stamps - HELP.

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Clear stamps - HELP.

I know a lot of people prefer the clear stamps to the wooden mounted ones, so I have a question for those of you who the above statement refers too.

I bought some clear stamps from Walmart on clearance, but when I went to peel them off of the plastic thingamajig paper they started ripping? Is there a better way to get them off, and how do you store them without getting dust on them and ruining them.


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I don't know why they would rip. Unless they're a really cheap brand or something. They shouldn't be ripping though.

I store mine in their original packaging. I don't have a ton of clear stamps though. I have heard you could store them in clear cd cases.

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Yeah, I don't know why they'd tear. I've never had that happen.

I store my in their packaging, and all them in a clear storage box.

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I too store mine in the packaging them came in. The individual ones I buy I have in a little basket. As far as the ripping, I'm really curious why that happened. Maybe you should return those, because they shouldn't rip at all!

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I guess you know why the were on clearance now Sad

Stamps shouldn't rip, I would take them back and ask for your money back, or it was such a good price, maybe just not worry about that one?

I store mine on the original plastic piece they came on, and then in a plastic holder, although my stamp collection is getting too big for it.

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They shouldn't rip...I agree, take them back.

My CTMH clear stamps are stored in their packages in a box. Most all of the rest of mine are in CD cases. I unmounted many of my ones on wood and have them in CD cases too. I take out the round part..and hook the stamps to the plastic. I even have some that are just plain rubber and aren't that adhesive in CD cases. I stamp the images in a paper that fits inside the lid and many are labled down the side too. All my CD's are stored in CD boxes on the top of my stamp shelves.

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Oh no. I was just thinking about going to Walmart this morning and picking up some that I saw a few days ago.