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I found a 3.99 clock at Target so I dismantled it!! Smile

Used Accent essentials to cut a circle out that already had a hole in the middle. Perfect! I found this paper that matched my curtains exactly!!

I glued the old face on the back and punched holes exactly in the middle of the #'s. If you find a face that has the 5 min. intervals it works best so you know right where to punch.

Stuck flowers through the hole, reassembled and got:

Easy Peasy!

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That is absolutely adorable. I smell great gift options with this too!

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that is so amazing! you are soo creative!

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So inspiring! I want to make one for my scrap room!

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That is adorable. Does it still work, the hands don't get hung up? I'm so impressed.

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"mommys" wrote:

That is adorable. Does it still work, the hands don't get hung up? I'm so impressed.

Stephanie- it does work. I tried 3 layers of flowers at first and that was a no go. If I was to make another I would cut flowers with my cricut so they are flat. I had to find some of the flatter prima flowers that I had.

I saw a cute one done with kitchen paper on the cricut board. That's where I got the idea.

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OMG! Uber creative!! LOVE this idea!! I'm going to check our dollar store for a cheap clock....I want to make an airplane one for the boy's room now. WOW thanks for the awesome idea!

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Very cute, definitely a million times better than the original.

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you are so clever!!!!! I really love your clock. Smile

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Oh.My. That is the cutest clock ever! I love the flowers for the numbers. You are way too creative.

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Oh, that is just too cute! Way to go!

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whoa! so cute! Biggrin Definitely going on my list of things to get working on for my scrap room Smile

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Ok, now I might have to steal this idea! Really great!

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Cute, Cute, Cute! What a great idea!

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It turned out awesome!

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that is just adorable!!!!!!!!! what a great idea!!! i totally would have never thought to do that

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That is adorable Kelly!! I too may try this someday. TFS

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so cute! I will have to file this away to make at some point...maybe a fishie/ocean theme one for DS's room. I think DH needs a clock above his computer too...when he plays games in full screen, he loses track of time and ends up coming to bad WAY too late. Perhaps bday present!

you are too creative!!!