Cloth Diaper Baby

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Cloth Diaper Baby

I am really happy with how this layout came out. Jack is my only child to be in cloth diapers since birth, and I wanted to capture the first month or so of cloth diapers (I stopped taking pictures of him in cloth once it got cold). I had too many pictures printed that I wanted to use, so the page looked cluttered. Then I decided to hide two of them under the main picture and add a journaling blub. This is the end result!

Hmmm ... should I change my challenge layout entry? Wink

Taken last night indoors with a flash (which is why it's slanted)

Then in front of the window today ... but you still can't get all of the true colors. Sad

The letters and mat of the picture by the title are polka dot paper, super cute! Don't know if you can tell here ...

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That is GREAT Gwen! LOVE that you hid those pics like that. What a great way to add more. TFS

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Gwn, this layout is adorable and I love the way you did the hidden journaling with more pictures.

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This is in my top 3 faves from you. I love it! The hidden pics and journaling rock. So does your use of blues.

ETA, you couldn't have a cuter cloth diaper model!!

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Too cute - love his 'modeling'!!! And he's got quite the variety!!! Smile

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Love the way you did your hidden journaling. Cute layout.

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How stinking cute! I love this one! What a great way to add more photos! Biggrin

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I love it Gwen! Great job fitting on so many photos of your little cover model! (pun intended). Wink

I love the hidden photos and journaling!