Cohen's birthday decorations

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Cohen's birthday decorations

Did I ever share these on here? I can't remember. Anyways, I kept cohen's decorations simple because I was crazy busy, but it was a good party. He had so much fun! Smile

We did a "peanut" theme, because we've called him our Little Peanut since birth. Smile
These were the cupcake toppers

And the banner I made

The table centerpieces:

don't know if you can see the peanut box, but I filled them with peanuts on each table. Smile

and here he is enjoying his cake!


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Aww! I love it! Such a super cute idea Charys and he's getting soooo big!

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Love the theme, so creative! You did such a great job!

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Love everything!!! Too cute. Can't believe how big both of the boys are getting. How fast time flies

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Peanut theme is so cute. That's what Jim calls Keeran too. So I might have to steal that idea. Smile Love the cupcakes, so simple, yet so cute. Cohen is adorable, thanks for that cake shot. HE looks so much like you. Smile Love it.

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Love the Peanut theme! Aren't banners addicting?! I can't believe he is one already!!

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so cute!!! love the peanut theme and the cupcake toppers are adorable! his expression in the high chair cracks me up! Smile

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Oh my! He is so darn cute! LOVE the cupcakes and other stuff! You did a great job!

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I LOVE the peanuts on the table and those banners rock! Can't believe he's already one!

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I think I saw pics of these on facebook...b/c I know you didn't share them here yet. Love the cupcake toppers, the banner, everything.

Quick question for you or anyone else who has made is the best way to connect each piece? Ribbon on the back or do you sandwich ribbon between two pieces of paper glued together or what? I need to make a banner for my friend's bridal shower and maybe SIL's baby shower...