Coming out of hidding

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Coming out of hidding

Ive not been around as I was feeling really embarassed about not doing any new LO's :oops: Ive been so busy and not able to do any scrapbooking, but Im getting the itch now...and I may have some time soon to do some more work. You might see me lurk to get some creative juices flowing Wink

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I sure hope you get that mojo back! Smile

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*waves* I know what you mean. I stopped coming around as much when I was packing because I couldn't scrap. Felt weird being over here but not scrapping! I hope you get started again!

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Glad you popped out of hiding! I've been in the same boat - haven't scrapped in quite a while. Hope you're able to get back in the groove!

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I'm the same way. I hope your mojo comes soon and send mine to me, too!

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Can't wait for you to get back to scrapping so we can see! Biggrin