Coming out of hiding!!

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Coming out of hiding!!

Don't know if anyone remembers me, I use to post pretty often few months back, popping in to say hi! I've been out of the loop on posting, been really busy the last few months. Got a job and kids went back to school and its been stressful trying to tend to the kids, work and try to scrap. Hopefully I can keep up on posting, its great to see the board so active.

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course we remember you silly!:D welcome back!

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HI Christy! Welcome back to the board. Looking forward to getting to know you more.

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Welcome back Cristy. I get the same way. All stressed with things and then scrapbooking gets pushed to the side. I started making time for it though cause it calms me. I just figure years down the road I won't remember that the dishes did not get done one day but I will have this page I did to look back at and remember Smile

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Hi Christy! Glad to see you're still around!

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Glad you're back! Smile

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Christy, glad you're back!! how's work going? and how's Kaylee?

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hi Christy!!!

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Hi there! Good to here from you. You should definately start posting again. I totally understand the cycle though, but we are more than happy to have you back.

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Life gets that way doesnt it! Im a seasonal poster too Wink These loyal ladies are very gracious to allow us Wink

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Hi Christy yes we remember you. Alot of us have gotten busy lately. It's ok we still love you.