It is complete!!!!

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It is complete!!!!

Yahoo Yes! I finally, finally, finished our 2008 scrapbook. Ok, there still is one page missing, but I am giving it to Randall b/c I don't know when I will get that one finished. I went over to my sister's house today, my SIL took Ruthie (her choice) and I made 6 pages. They are not the greatest, but they are good enough. I can't wait to show Randall tonight.

I will update pics tomorrow possibly. I can't tonight b/c I am headed to pick up Ruthie and Randall from work.

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:blob7: woooohoo!! I can't wait to see the pics and hear how he likes it! I'm sure he will LOVE it!!

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Yay! I'm glad you finished it! I'm sure he will love it. Can't wait to see pics!!!

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that's awesome!!!! I know how good it feels to have a book done ... I'm kinda jealous of that feeling right now. Wink

I'm really looking forward to the pictures and reading about how Randall loves it. Wink

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That is great. I am so far behind it is not even funny. I am still working on Christmas 2007. but then again i do not do things in order.

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Yay!!! I bet that's a great feeling!

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ugh. Double post, sorry!

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Yay Sadie!! Way to go!!:D

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Congrats on getting it done Sadie. I'm sure that's a nice feeling. I too will be anxiously waiting for pics. Smile

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wow, that's awesome! So Randall hasn't seen any of the pages?!? I can't imagine! I show my hubby every page i make the minute i finish it! Can't wait to see them! We'll be waiting! Wink

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that's awesome. Glad you got it finished.

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Congrats on finishing it!

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WOWSERS!! I cant wait to hear his reaction! My DH gets to irritated with me shoving my work in his face Wink Im sure Randall with LOVE the book! Good for you for getting it all done!

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Congrats on finishing up such a big project! I bet Randall will love it (and love you for giving it to him)!