Completely OT! My printer is THAT smart! (xp)

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Completely OT! My printer is THAT smart! (xp)

Um...I went to print something on my printer (how about some journaling for the page I'm working on) and it informs me that my Cyan color cartridge is expired. :eek: WHAT? Are you freakin' serious? It still has ink left in it too. I pull the cartridge out and it, yep, expires April 07, 2007!!!! LOL Now I really don't know if it's smart or not! LOL Just let me use the rest of the's not like it's cheap!!!!

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lol, now thats a smart printer!!!

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Lol That's too funny!

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lol that's too weird

it wont let u use up the rest at all?

did u have tyler's bday party yet or is that this weekend?

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Ugh, that would drive me nuts. I bet it won't let you use it either. I know mine won't.

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Holy crap. That made me laugh!!! Evil printer!! :devil:

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Wow! I wonder why it took so long to tell you. I bet it knew that you were wanting to use it to scrap Tyler's b-day.

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LOL! That is so funny!! I have never heard of such a thing! Lol

Have you ever heard of Cartridge World? They refill your empty ink cartridges. I fill all mine there, it's like 50% cheaper than buying new cartridges in the store -- and then they don't go to landfills!!!