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Concentrate LO

So after a very long weekend (including pulling an all-nighter Friday night with a bunch of teenagers), I got some very needed time to scrap! I didn't get a whole lot done, but that's all right. Smile

concentrate jpg

kit is digiscrapaddict's The Fix. The alpha is Krystal Hartley's Detention Alpha.

Thanks for looking!

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this one is great! i like the letters!

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aww cute! so bright and cheerful....and she certainly is concentrating on that drawing Biggrin

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This is soooo cute! I love the bold colors and design. Perfect title for the photo too. Smile

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that's super-cute! that kit is perfect, love the colors.

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Love the primary colors you used, and that picture is adorable!! TFS

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I just love this LO! The colors are great, and the title is perfect! Great job!

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Lovely! The coloured stripes are great.

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Love the photo and the way you displayed it. Love that kit too!

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love how colorful that LO is! Great job on it!!

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I love love love the bright colors here! Great LO

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I love the colors you used, it can be hard to use rainbow colors and not make it overwhelming but you an amazing job. Cute picture too.