Congrats Charys!!!

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Congrats Charys!!!

You did it again! Twice !!!!!!! I received the Chirp today and lookie what I saw!!!

You go girl!!!!

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Charys, you ROCK!

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oh my gosh. :eek: are you serious? How totally cool. That just made my day. Thank you girls!!!!

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wow...wtg!!! Yahoo

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Wow! Congrats!

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Ms. Super Uber Talented. Seriously you could start a business.

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Great job! Congrats!

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Congrats girl!! You sooo deserve it.

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What machine do you have?

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The Cricut Create.

thank you everyone!!

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wooo hoooO!

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Yay! I know another scrapbooking superstar. That is so cool Charys.

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Way 2 go! I saw that on my e-mail. I just love the LO with Kayson wearing the glasses!

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Wow! Look at you.... 2 weeks in a row!! Does this mean that you're famous now?! Wink

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Wow! Our own scrapping celebrity! Smile Way to go! I just love those. I really want to scraplift one of them too Smile

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Very cool! Even better that they came from the VC:)

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Congrats again Charys!

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Check you out! You are one hot scrapping mamma! CONGRATS hon! I am thrilled for you! Yahoo