Is this considered stealing?

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Is this considered stealing?

I wasn't sure what to put for a title.
So if I see a card that I really like and make one that is pretty much the same, to sell...could I get in trouble for that?
I should say that these are digitally printed. Here is an example:
From a site


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I think copyrights are on the design so if you copy the design, it would be considered stealing. I wouldn't do it for stuff you are planning on selling.

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I think it's iffy if you're selling them as well. I think it has to be 50% different (the percentage could be off), OR if it could be confused with the original, then there's a problem.

Love the card & the colors tho! Smile

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Here is her TOS which basically just covers things you download from the site. Since you are technically not using her work, I would think it would be o.k. but I am not 100% sure on that.

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my gut says yes, it would be sorta like stealing. I wouldn't feel comfortable selling something like that.

for my stuff, sometimes I will look at other sellers to see what they're doing, to get a rough idea if I'm really stuck. but my finished product doesn't end up looking like theirs when I'm done. I'm too worried about stealing in the same sense, ya know?

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Thats a tough one! THe ladies that do digital know more on this one. I would do something different.

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I think if you scraplift it and add your own things to the card then it would be fine but if you are just flat out copying a card then I think you should not sell it.

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That's what I was thinking, but wanted to get some othe opinions too.Thanks!

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