Cookies and Frosting LO

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Cookies and Frosting LO

Finally made another page. I've been so busy lately that I'm way behind (but wait until you see what I've been sewing...).

Anyway, I realized that I forgot to add shadows, but otherwise I'm happy.

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Those are some ginormous cookies. Smile LOVE the lettering on the title, and love how you matted all the pictures on one mat...neat idea! TFS your great work. Now I really want to see what you're sewing, so don't forget to share. Wink

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I think that's so neat that you each made your own cookie...even your DH! This is such a cute layout!

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great idea and Andrea looks so cute.

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I love this page! I love how you put the photos together and the colors are great.

can't wait to see what you're sewing. Smile

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Very cute LO, I agree the photos all on 1 mat looks neat. Mmmm, you have given this pregnant lady a cookie/frosting craving.

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love love love that page! And especially the lettering!:D

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too cute!

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Those are some HUGE cookies! YUM! Great LO!

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Love it! Especially the title. But now I want cookies (off to raid the pantry)

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Holy cookies batman! Those are GIANT! Yummmm! Very cute LO!