Cookware question (way OT)

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Cookware question (way OT)

Totally not scrapbook related but I need help finding a cookware set. I've looked and looked and DH is SOOO sick of me looking. Wink

Right now I have a cookware set that we bought when we first moved in our house. It's stainless steel and I love the pieces to the set but it sticks so bad. I've tried different "remedies" to clean them and they seem to have a dull film on them that just won't go away.

So I have been looking at several hard anodized nonstick sets and just can't seem to bite the bullet and buy one. My fear is the nonstick scratching, bubbling up, etc. I just don't want another set of cookware that I hate. I wish I could just find some magic to make my old ones not stick everytime I try to cook in them.

Any suggestions? Oh, and I will say this. I have a flat top stove and I know some cookware won't work on that. I also can't do Pampered chef or cast iron b/c the weight and my arthritis (whew I sound like my Nana :ROFL:)

I would LOVE any suggestions you gals may have for me. TIA!

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I use KitchenAid cookware right now. I used Calphalon for a while, but scratched my pan up (or actually I think someone else did, I'm pretty careful with it) and it went downhill from there. I bought mine on Amazon, and I'm happy with them. I have a 8" omelet pan (use it every single day) and a 12" stir fry pan that I use for dinners several times a week (not just stir fry, anything really. tonight I browned meat and then made a spaghetti meat sauce in it). Here's the links:

I also have a Calphalon grill pan which I really like. And a Pampered Chef square pan. But like you said, both are heavy. The KitchenAid stuff doesn't seem too heavy. I mean, the big one is heavy when it's filled with food, but it's a GREAT cooking skillet.

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Have you tried a boiling a can of coke? The acidity gets it looking brand spankin new in minutes. Then you wouldn't need to look for a new set! Smile

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I just got a Cooks set of hard adonized cookware from JCPenney back in August. It actually says it is metal utensil safe, which is something I was worried about because my husband often used metal utensils on our old stuff that wasn't metal utensil safe. So far these have worked great, no scratches or anything. The only downside is that they are a bit heavy.

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"Beertje" wrote:

Have you tried a boiling a can of coke? The acidity gets it looking brand spankin new in minutes. Then you wouldn't need to look for a new set! Smile

Omgoodness I will kiss your feet if this works!!!! Smile Do I just pour enough coke out to fill the bottom or one coke per pan. Oh my if it wasn't so late I would try it tonight.

Thanks for the links Gwen. If this doesn't work that may be plan B.

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My sister swears she just runs her stainless pots and pans through the dishwasher and it gets rid of all the film.

I have a set really similar to these by Calphalon (I have a dutch oven type pan instead of the saute pan):

I like the glass lids and rubber handles better than the previous s.s. set I had. I notice a *little* film, but not too bad...more of a rainbow reflection or something? But I don't use the skillets b/c I just prefer a non-stick finish.

Hopefully the coke will work for ya and you won't have to worry about it!

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DH and I bought Saladmaster pans...I'm pretty sure that is the brand. They came to our house and cooked us dinner in the pans and showed us how easy they were to clean. We love them. The handles come off for easy storage and cleaning. They require less energy to heat up enough to make a pot of water boil. So saves a little on electricity. Oh and I'm pretty sure the pan is made out of titanium. So none of the harsh chemicals are cooked into your food from using non-stick pans or stainless steal. We did pay a pretty penny but in the long run it was worth it.

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