Couple cards

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Couple cards

DD's b-day invite. I added a stickled #4 to the crown after I took this pic.

Bridal shower card

Card that went with the menu board (notice that it matches;))

And a bonus pic just because...Garin's smile!

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nice work! LOVE that invite. And Garin's smile is the cutest!!! (I had asked in one of your new baby threads, but not sure if you saw it, and if you answered, I missed it. Where did his name come from? very unique and I like it, just curious about it. Smile )

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His name came from Wal-Mart:ROFL: No foolin! I was standing in line to return something (this had to be like 3 years ago, before Parker was born) and I noticed the sign with the store managers name on it. It was Garin, and I thought it was really cool. Told Dh and he liked it too. It was actually our 2nd choice for Parker.
When Dh told one of his buddies where we found the name he was like "You can get those at Wal-Mart too?" Biggrin
Other than that manager we have never see/heard it anywhere else. It is a little confusing cause my nephew (who is almost 3) is named Gavin so people like to switch there names (although the live in CA, so it's not like they are ever together).

SO that's the story.....I suppose I should put that in his scrapbook huh?

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Your cards are great Lena! I always like your work. And thanks for showing that sweet, smiling baby boy! Made my day! He's a doll. And I too LOVE his name, even if it came from Walmart. Smile

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Oh, that is the sweetest little *big* smile!!!! tfs!

I especially love the shower card! Must get me some stickles!

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look at that smile! He is just bursting ! Biggrin So cute! I lvoe your cards too...especially the crown birthday invites. Amazing! Biggrin

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OMG, his smile is so cute! I love all the cards too, great job!