A couple of cards i did

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A couple of cards i did

The first ones are for my friends twins first birthdays and the second two are just random birthday cards i did...

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oh my are those cute! Love them! And we have the same frogs lol

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those are great!!!! I dig your flowers. Wink

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Haha, yes your flowers are very cute. Great idea to make them out of ribbon.

My favorite card is the little boy 1st birthday one. Great job on all of them though.

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Those are so cute!!! Love the little bears!

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Those are great Sarah! I really like the boy twin one!! VERY NICE!

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Great cards Sarah! Those first two look store bought they're so good. TFS

BTW, I LOVE that siggy pic, it is soooo precious.

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those are great!! i love the twin boy bday one!!

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I love the twins birthday ones but the boy one is super cute. I may try to scraplift that.

But all of them are really really cute.

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That frog makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. I love it!

I also enjoy different cards so the folding for the boy card in the first pictures is awesome... but really, they're all just neat!

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Great job with the cards. They look like ones you buy at the store. Amazing.

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I thought you said you were a first timer? WOW those are great looks like you have been scrapping for years!

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Wow girl! Those twin cards are DARLING! Great job! And I love the flowers on the one card too. great work.

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Those rock! Love the ribbon flowers.

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those are just too adorable!!