couple cards and a layout

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couple cards and a layout

These pics are all kind of dark. I should have waited until tomorrow to get pics outside instead, but oh well Blum 3

Birthday card for my cousin

Christmas card for my cousins wife.

and another page for Allie's book

Thanks for looking!

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oh, I have that paper that you used in the strips on the layout, I love how you used it! very cute page! and I like the cards too, especially tree one - clever!

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Yes, that tree card is so cool! What a fantastic way to use ribbon! Clever!! And that LO is so darling!! I am loving your style. And your baby is just darling...making me want one. Smile TFS Angie!!

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What a clever idea on the tree card! And the page is darling. Love the journaling blocks.

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i really like the ribbon tree. very cute.

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That tree is so cute! What a great idea.

I love the LO. I also love how you used the circle and cutout on the first card. I never would have thought of that.

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I LOVE ALLIES PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adorable!!!

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those cards are great!! and that page is amazing!! all the pink!! Biggrin

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I love the tree card. Awesomeness! Cute page too!

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that LO is precious! I also LOVE love love that ribbon tree card. What a great idea!