A couple of digi-LOs

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A couple of digi-LOs

This one I sent over to my dad today for his birthday. He bought Kayley a snowshovel for Christmas as a joke and I just had to get a pic of her with it in the fresh snow we got today.

These pics are from when Kayley was about five months old when she really started showing interest in our kitty.

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ROFL at the pic of her with the snow shovel! That is too funny! I really like the ribbon use on the 2nd one! TFS!

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Those are great. The snow angel is precious. I'm sure your dad loved it.

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Those came out really nice!!! love the shovel one!!!

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I want to try what you did with the ribbon on the second page on a paper page. Too cool! Great LO's!

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You've got a great style! I love the colors and the font on the first LO, and the second one is great with the color scheme and the little touches like the bows. So cute!