couple more 12x12's..

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couple more 12x12's..

let me tell ya, I haven't scrapped so many 12x12 layouts in a few years! Seriously, its not the norm for me, but I am enjoying them a lot.

This one of Jamie and Rocket is one I have been wanting to get scrapped for so long.


Journaling says

I admit it. I used TV to get you to learn to sit up and roll over. It worked too! You could not ( and still can't) take your eyes off of this rocket on Little Einsteins! You could watch for hours!

DH went to dollar general for me about 3 weeks ago to pick up some wax paper for glue dots and came back with the wax paper and 9 different kinds of Christmas ribbon. He is such a good scrapbookers husband! I was excited to use some of it on this one.

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Angie, I found the scrapbooking board! I love your pages! I have the bug now, but still don't have much time to do it.

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the rocket on the 1st one is soo cool! i love them both! and you are lucky to have hubby like that! my Dh doesnt even like to walk down the scrap isle in walmart :rolleyes: i always get the ::sigh:: "i guess" lol

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Yeah, it would never even cross my husband's mind to buy me anything for scrapbooking...or even anything at all for that matter. Wink

I really like both of these, but that first one is adorable.

What size do you usually scrap?

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adorable, I love that penguin Smile

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Those look great! The rocket is really cool, and I have to say that baby christmas picture is too stinking cute!!

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Those are both great Angie, but the rocket one is my fave. I've never seen this rocket, so will have to check it out. TFS

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I usually scrap 8.5x11.. well, technically my favorite is 11x8.5 lol. I like it landscape best. I have so many pictures lately that won't fit on a single page 11x8.5 and I don't like to do two page layouts often, so I am doing some 12x12's.

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Awww....well done to your DH! Love the rocket on the first one. Love how you captured the moment! Love the title on the 2nd one!

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what a good husband you have!! I am LOVING the Santa Baby - that's lovely! And the Rocket layout is too cute, love little Jamie, and the Rocket is cool!

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"coolmama72" wrote:

what a good husband you have!! I am LOVING the Santa Baby - that's lovely! And the Rocket layout is too cute, love little Jamie, and the Rocket is cool!

ditto what Gwen said!

I totally understand the need to have a bigger scrap page. I love scrapping in 8.5x11, but sometimes it can be so hard with multi-photos.

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I love both of these! Great work! Biggrin

on a funny note about dh's....mine always suggests we walk down the scrap aisle in Walmart...cuz then it means I have to go with him down the aisles of tools. lol. It's our little Walmart routine now lol

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OMG! Cadi is totally in love with Little Einsteins ("Rocket!") lol! Did you just copy/trace a pic, or is that Rocket sold somewhere as is? I thought it was interesting that you didn't use a title, I've never tried that before. Love how you used the black background as a frame on the second, it really made the LO pop to me. And you are SO lucky. My DH gets this faraway glazed look in his eyes if I ever talk about scrap stuff to him...never mind actually going to the store and buying me something he knows I'd love! LOL!

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Lisa, dh made the file for me to cut with my cricut in SCAL2. If you want to use it for a layout I can cut another and mail it to you. If so just let me know the size you would want it.

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Those are adorable!

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Those are both cute! I can't believe your dh would buy sb stuff for you - that thought wouldn't even cross my dh's mind.

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Where did you find that rocket? It's just perfect! Kayson has loved Little Einsteins since he was a few months old too.

Both are great! TFS

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Charys, DH made it for me to cut with SCAL. I am so thankful for him because if it were up to me I would cut nothing but letters with that program :p. Like I told Lisa, if you want it but don't have SCAL I can cut it for you and send it to you, just let me know what size you want it.