A couple new LOs - card added post #15 ***

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A couple new LOs - card added post #15 ***

Evan fell asleep at 6:15 last night :eek: so I was able to get two layouts done.

And this one started out as a scraplift of Charys's "Embrace Today" LO. I kind of strayed along the way, but I guess it still has the same overall feel. Everything is crooked on this page. Guess that's what I get for rushing through it when I was tired, LOL! I might try to fix it up a little bit next time I get a chance. I still like it a lot, though! Thanks for the inspiration, Charys! Smile

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love them both!! i cant even choose which is my fave!

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I really love them both as well! How did you do the titles on each?

Very nice.

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I love them both! you are really a great scrapbooker!

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Wow, I love both of these! I really love the title work on the first and the stripes (I heart stripes!). I've probably seen those pics along the way somewhere, but I don't remember them - and that's so sweet with Evan kissing Lindsay! I love the title on the second one as well, and the way you set out the photos ... I think both are going into my scraplift folder when I get home lol.

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Both are great. Love the colors.

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That first one is soooo cute Katie! I put that one in my folder...making it the 200th of yours. Smile They are both great. TFS

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Woohooo....Katie's posting more pages!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love your style! That first layout could be in a magazine. Smile Consider submitting it girl! The title is awesome and so is the design.
I'm honored you lifted one of mine...yours' is awesome!

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Those are both really amazing. Truly, I agree with Charys. Your work should be in a magazine. Your style is awesom. Love the hearts with the buttons in the first one. The torn papers are great too. Heck, everything about both of them are perfect!

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"MinaAriel" wrote:

How did you do the titles on each?

The first one was done with the Cricut - Don Juan cart with the shadow feature. I added the three little dots on each letter with a pink marker, which is an idea I stole from someone on here (I'm pretty sure it was Charys, but it was several months ago so I'm not 100% sure - anybody recognize it as their idea? :)). I also drew the little hearts in between the letters.

The second one is just stickers that I got from Creative Memories a few years ago.

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those are great!!!love the titles and the buttons with the hearts!!

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Those are both great! I can't imagine if my son went to bed that early lol. I would be lost.

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"gaidinsgirl" wrote:

I can't imagine if my son went to bed that early lol. I would be lost.

Oh, believe me it was a one-time thing! LOL. He crawled up on the couch after dinner and was reading a book, and I came back into the room a few minutes later and he was sound asleep. I think my jaw dropped! He is usually up until 8:30-9:00. Smile

Thanks for the compliments, ladies! You all are too sweet!

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Those are beautiful! Don't admit the "crooked" is a mistake. If it's all crooked then it was intentional... that was the look you were going for, right. Wink

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Hee hee, good point, Carrie!

Just came across this picture that I also meant to post. The card is for my brother and SIL who will be having their first baby in the next day or two (she'll be induced Thursday). I'm not crazy about the layout of it; I was really rushing to get it done before we packed up and left for my parents' house last weekend...kinda thought we might be needing it before the induction date at the rate things seemed to be progressing! Turns out I had more time. Anyway...

I need a stamping lesson! Mish? Anyone? My stamps always end up darker on one side like that. How can I get them more even? Probably just need more practice.

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That card rocks and deserves it's very own thread!!! I am sure they would love it!

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I'm guessing you're right handed Katie and you put more pressure with your right hand and the stamped image "rolls" just a little, which adds all that extra side ink to your image.

I try to place my stamp down and then give gentle, top only pressure as evenly as I can. It does take a little practice, but it helps to know what may be causing the issue too. That would be my guess.

I absolutely adore the border/pearl look. I think it's a sweet card and she'll love it!

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I thought I had posted on your pages already...

I agree with Charys, you have an incredible sense of scrapbooking style. If I ever grow up to be a paper scrapper, I want to be just like you! Smile

I really love the 3 dot technique. But the blue "soaking up the sun" with the kraft? That's inspired. It pops despite being a traditionally darker color. I love how well you meshed those loud colors together to make it a cohesive happy, bright page.

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loving them! especially #2 {maybe it's the kraft paper i'm drawn to!}. the buttons on the hearts is so adorable.

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you know how I love your pages. Wink I added the first to my 'lift folder and the second is just downright adorable. great card! just practice with the stamps on scrap paper, it totally is a pressure thing.

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The card is adorable!!! I love the pearls and the soft pink with white. And Mish is right...just practice giving the stamps even pressure when inking and when stamping onto paper. I still do that often though too... it's hard not favoring one side of the stamp.

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Thanks! I'll have to keep practicing. I definitely avoid using my stamps because I know I stink at it, so I really do need the practice!

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those are great LOs thanks for sharing. Definitely putting them in my scrapping inspiration folder