A couple new ones

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A couple new ones

I have really slowed my scrapping since starting back to school with Austin, but still plug away at it when I can. Here are a couple I have done the past few weeks.

This one is x-mas 2004:

This one is pics of my dog who's now 4 years old, but when we first got him, May 2005:

Up to middle of 2005, so getting sooo much closer to scrapping my newest babies!! YAY

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Your style has evolved tremendously Carrie! I want to lift that bottom layout! Both are great! I love the font you used for Yugi...what is it?

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Yugi's page is so great! The black and white with the pops of color is really effective!

WTG on plugging away at those older pictures!

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I love the angle of everything on the second page and the titlework on the first page.

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That second page is a lift totally, so can take no credit for it whatsoever. But I did change it quite a bit. The font is actually pieces of paper I cut and pieced together. Wanted to do something different. HA!!

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Love the white space on that 2nd lo! Great job!

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Rocking these pages... I love all your Austin pages but look forward to seeing pages with your younger kiddos too Smile