A couple new pages

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A couple new pages

Most of these are CT ones that I couldn't post until now Smile

Recapping my month:

What a crazy month! January 1 - We tried to spend the night in Edmonton with Deanna & Corey however Kaitlyn had a different idea. We drove home at 10:30 pm, arrive home at 1 AM. January 8 - The Clark family came to meet us and we had lunch at Applebee’s. January 10 - Trina gets to see a movie by herself! Mark thought she was cranky and deserved an afternoon ‘off’, so she went to see Leap Year, although she was tempted to see New Moon (from the Twilight saga) for the second time. January 17 - Trina gets to have her very first pedicure, although she picked a really bright blue color for her nails! January 20 - Kaitlyn’s 2 year well child appointment. She was doing great, 22 lb 6 oz and 31 inches tall. She did have bronchitis, so we did a round of anitbiotics and she was better! January 22 - Mark has a doctor appointment to discuss his results from blood work in December. We get the diagnosis that he is diabetic - drastic changes to our lifestyle are going to happen! January 29 - No more soother! We tried Kaitlyn without a sucky for the first night, ever. She didn’t even notice that she didn’t have it. We threw them all away the next morning. January 30 - Bowling party for Deanna’s 30th birthday in Edmonton. Kaitlyn loved bowling so much we couldn’t get her to let other people have their turns at it!

And these ones I did at the beginning of December and can just post them now:

Thanks for looking! :bigarmhug:

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I guess I should change the title of this post - apparently I had more than a couple! oops!

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Trina, all of these are gorgeous!!!!

I LOVE the Bundle of Love one...nothing better than newborn sweetness!

I also really like the You Make Me Smile LO. Very cute!

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sweet pages! love the variety!

My favs are the unconditional love and you make me smile. Smile Bundle of love is full of newborn cuteness, though.


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Wow, these are all great. I love the You Make Me Smile one! It made me smile. I did one like that ( the theme) for Jamie and I want to do it for Allie too. So cute.

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I love the bundle of love and the spring page! Gorgeous photos. I hope life starts to settle down for you now!!

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Those are really nice pages! I love the back pocket filled with flowers and I think the second page is awesome Biggrin ...just a note though on that one, "months" is spelled "monhts" on the lo

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Wow they are all great!

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Awesome LOs! I absolutely love the "You Make Me Smile" the most and the newborn pics - how precious! Just beautiful!

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

I guess I should change the title of this post - apparently I had more than a couple! oops!

ROFL I was gonna suggest that before I read your comment on your post. too funny!

there are some amazing layouts here! Bundle of Love is my most favorite of them this round, but I love so many of the others. Kaitlyn sure is serious in so many of these photos. Wink

what made you pick BLUE nails? just curious. Wink

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i love them all! i cant pick a fave! Biggrin

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Ack!!! Too much greatness at once!!! Gosh girl, these are all so amazing. That last one of her at 2 years...melts my heart. Love watching her grow. Great pages!!

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A fabulous post of Trina Eye Candy. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

If I HAD to choose a favorite it might be the Spring layout. But man, they are all awesome!!