A couple new pages, and I made a Quick Page freebie!

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A couple new pages, and I made a Quick Page freebie!

I got so many nice comments on my Beauty Defined layout, I asked the designers for their approval to make it into a Quick Page freebie, and I got it! So this is what it looks like (I had to put it in the store packaging)

And you can grab it here if you like it (in advance of everyone else, who can get it from my blog tomorrow lol): http://www.4shared.com/file/130052604/2c184ce0/slurpeegirl13-littlesighsQP.html

So I did a couple other pages I can finally post now too.

And this is a page for a challenge to scrap a bad habit using 21 elements, no more no less. My bad habit - leaving my clothes on the floor and not putting them away when they're clean and in the basket (a bit embarassing, but maybe I'll stop doing it now that it's public lol). The pictures are a little hard to see in the small copy, but it's pics of my closet and the clothes all over the floor.

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great work! Loving that middle page!! fun colors!:D

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WOW! How very cool that your page will be everywhere! I LOVE that black page. I have been tring to do a black lo forever and finally got one to work last night called there goes me heart. I have not finished yet but you gave me an idea!!! I also love the dirty little secret you brave soul, lol. Amazing pages!!!!!!

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That is so neat you got to do that!! I love that LO, now if only I digiscrapped. Smile That 2nd one is really great! LOVE the black paper, you made it work brilliantly!! And the third one is great too, you are brave to share that.

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Love the quickpage, thanks!

Your challenge page turned out great Smile

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hehehe love the dirty little secret page!!
and ill be grabbing that QP when i get home its awesome!
your such an amazing scrapper im jealous as always

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Those are fantastic Trina. Love the elements on the Dirty Little Secret one. That is a fab quick page too!

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awesome pages Trina!!! I saw that black page yesterday while I was purusing a digi site (digishoptalk, I think it was). Very beautiful!!

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Your awesomeness continues!!! Biggrin LOVE the Simply gorgeous layout! wow! And your dirty little secret layout is in my lift folder. I just love the design.

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oh, your QP looks great! and I really love your Simply Gorgeous layout!!!! I'm cracking up about your clothes habit. that would drive me nuts! but I have my own bad habits too. Wink