a couple simple cards and a LO

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a couple simple cards and a LO

This LO I am actually really happy with. I love how you digi scrappers use such little photos, but your photos still stand out. I had to give it a try. It's just a simple 4x6 photo on a 12x12 page.

This card I still don't know about. It's okay I guess.

This one is my least fav of the bunch, but it works.

This one is my fav. So simple.

I had forgotten about the flower shop telling me to bring in a couple of wedding, thank you, sympathy, b-day, thinking of you cards and they would buy them and see how they sell. I hope they still want to b/c it would be nice to make some extra money.

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The layout rocks Sadie! Everything about it is spot-on! I love your B&W photo with the colors you chose. So pretty.

And my favorite card is your least favorite. Smile I think it's real pretty! KUP on how they sell! good luck!

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beautiful LO!
and very cute cards!

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i think those are all great ...

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I love your LO Sadie, it's so simple and beautiful. Very suiting for Ruthie.

I love the cards as well. I agree with Charys your least fav is my fav.

great job and tfs

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I really love the layout and the photo especially Smile

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Fantastic layout Sadie! Absolutely perfect. That picture is simply adorable. It deserves to be the focus of a layout all by itself Smile
Those cards rock too. That is really neat about making cards for the store. I hope that works out for you.
Thanks for showing us!

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Great news about the flower shop Sadie. Hope that works out for you. I agree with PP that your least favorite card is my favorite. THe colors are great.
The LO is awesome too. I love the ones like that because they just leave you speechless. TFS

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Great job! That photo of Ruthie is so cute. I like the edge of flowers around it.

I like your cards. I'm with some of the pps, your least fav is the one I like the best.


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Sadie, you've done it again. That layout is spectacular. I love how it pops off the page at you.

And I have to agree with the others. Your least favorite is my favorite.

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that's a nice layout, and a great way to showcase that wonderful photo. Wink

the cards look great, fingers crossed the shop still wants to sell them.

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OMG!!! I love your layout! Then red looks great with the blue, And great pic do you do photography???? I have always seen that floral pattern paper but it always looked too busy to me. The way you used it is wonderful. I can't tell you enough how great that page looks. Seriously, I would frame it and hang it in your scrap space. Great work!!!

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I love the LO and all of the cards. But my favorite is your least favorite:)