cover for photobook (new one!)

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cover for photobook (new one!)

I know I asked for some help last night with a cover I was working on - and i'm going to still play with it, using all of your suggestions.... but.. today as I was looking through the AC Moore ad, they had a few scrapbooks shown and I loved the swirly black ones ( so I threw this together.

What do you think??

I gotta hop in the shower and head to bed... i have a LOOOOONG day tomorrow. Smile Have a great Thanksgiving ladies!

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It looks really great....but is this instead of the other one ? Sad I love the other one. lol
This works too and they would love this cover as well, but please use that other one for somethnig cuz it rocks lol Biggrin

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oh, that looks nice! I love the color combo!

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I'm with Karen...I really liked the other one too. But this one is also cool. Decisions, decisions.

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I personally like this one better. I love the colors!

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Oooo! I like! Smile

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I really like it too ... I think this one is neat for the cover, but I think you should include the other page inside the book!

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Pretty. I still like the other one though.

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I like it Smile But I did not see the other one so I am off to go find it Smile Love Ali's font in family Smile

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oh wow Linda!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!!!!!