cover for wedding album gift

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cover for wedding album gift

I bought this album at Michael's hoping I could do something a little different to it ...nice album but totally not what I had in mind... (this is for the wedding abc album I posted earlier btw)

Well I finally had the guts today to try peeling some paper and ribbons off it and adding a little more wedding style to it. Here's the after and I used gold cuz that's their wedding color. What do you think? Does it need anything else? I did it to the front and back (except no tag on the back) I'm just glad it's worked. I was really worried after I peeled stuff off and it looked a gluey mess. I've never tried it before. lol

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I think it looks great. I am too lazy to do the cover! Wink

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It looks great you did an excellent job

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Very pretty colors! It is a wonderful gift Karen!

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Nice JOb!! It looks great.

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looks great i love it.