Craft room relocation in progress (really pic heavy)

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Craft room relocation in progress (really pic heavy)

Here is what has been done so far, over the weekend and today...

The basement space before:

Basement space after (need to dust and clean some more...and reattach or remove the insulation that is around the hot water heater since it is unsightly and creeping into my space)

and here is the storage area in the attic, which I swept and shop vac'd out and then finally put all the maternity and baby clothes bins in there, as well as moved stuff from the basement up.

This week in the evenings after work, I hope to clean/dust the basement area. Then this weekend I can move my craft stuff down. It could use some reorganization, but that will come with time.

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Very cool, can you staple some sheets up for the time being??? I workout in my basement but it scares me so I took long black sheets and stapled them to the ceiling. They cover everything that used to scare me lol.

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oooh good idea...I could make a curtain that hangs in front of the furnace/hot water heater so I don't have to look at it.

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:yahoo:YAY For getting your own space! I'd love something like that!!! Can't wait to see the progress go....

When the boys get a little older I don't know what I'm going to do?! Wish I had a basement!

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Great progess so far!! I'm anxious to see it when you're all moved in!

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you go girl! that's a great space you're moving into, btw. can't wait to see more progress pictures as you go along. you got a lot done!

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I really wish I had the time/energy to paint the paneling and the shelves...and maybe even the desks, so it isn't so much brown everywhere...but with the little guy and work and housework, painting doesn't seem feasible. hopefully with the sheet/curtain I hang (thanks Tia for the idea) and some decorations/stuff on the walls, it will be a little brighter and not so darn BROWN everywhere Lol

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Oh very awesome!! Can't wait to see more as the progress continues!

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What a GREAT idea Tia!! Funny about scary basements huh? Austin HATES to go down in ours. Smile I think it will be great Lauren. TFS

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That is going to be a fun space! I think it will work out nicely. I would HATE to carry all of that stuff up and down the stairs to move it all though. lol.

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Love the sheet idea! That would be a great, quick fix.
That is going to be an awesome space! I can't wait to see it when it is done.
I have been slowly weeding through my room for a loooonnnnggg time. We are currently building a desk and then I am hoping to get everything organized.

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Your space is looking great. Can't wait to see it when you get all your stuff in there. Sounds like it will fix your late night scrapping problem.

The sheet is a great idea or an old shower curtain would work too.

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AWESOME! Glad you are getting a nice space! Will be great once its done! Smile

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Looking nice! So far so good! Biggrin