Craigs list junkie scrapbook room

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Craigs list junkie scrapbook room

I am such a craigs list junkie. I am trying to make my scrapbook room complete so I found a few things on craigs list but want all of your opinions first. (even lurkers) Okay this first pic is of a bench and shelf. It is 2 seperate pieces. I would hand the shelf right above the bench and hang clear paint cans full of scrapbook stuff on each knob. I posted my shelf pic so you can see the paint can. For the storage bech I was thinking 2 green bins to go into those cubbies on the bottom??? The only thing is will the distressed white look okay with the wood spinny things I have or is it too much??? It is only 30.00 for both pieces. TIA GALS



I also posted this pic on my chair thread. Wondering if I should keep my chair or buy this one and fill it with pink pillows?


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you crack me up!!!

I love the storage bench and rack, I think they're totally cool and would fit right in with your other stuff.

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Smile I'd just keep the chair you have and save the $$ since you made it so cute. The work shelf is GREAT! Snatch it up!

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I like the bench and shelf. You will make it look cute.

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I'm with Charys, keep the chair and get the bench!! LOL

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Keep the chair. I love the chair you have, although that one is really cute too.

But definitely get that other furniture and show us pics of what you do. I can't wait to see your creativity.

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the bench and shelf are awesome!