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Craigslist find

I just happened upon the best find on craigslist. A woman had 7 cricut cartridges for sale for 125. I had 3 of these, so I got the other 4 for 70.00. All in there own box. I now have:
Plantin School Book
Indie Art (I wanted this for a particular design, but I actually think it's a really cool cartridge!)
Base Camp
Accent Essentials

It was a 40 minute drive each way to get them, but it was a nice night for a drive and we took McKenna for a ride. (She just spent 36 hours in a vet hospital after getting out of the gated area on Tuesday and eating 2 1/2 packs of gum with Xyitol as an ingredient, this is toxic to dogs and can cause liver damage and decreased blood sugar.

I also found Cuttin up for 30.00 at Walmart on clearance.

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good find! i just got plantin schoolbook too! love it!

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Those are some awesome deals!

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Yay! Great deal!! I was checking out Walmart for some clearance ones, too. I didn't look too seriously because I don't have any money right now anyway, LOL. I read on another board that someone found one for $7 so I figured I'd at least check!! Cuttin Up is one of my faves; I think you'll like that! Smile

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Thanks Ladies! I'm hoping these finds will help ge me back in to a groove!

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Great find!

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that's awesome! now I have to check my craigslist. Wink

you'll love Cuttin' Up! I think I use that one the most.

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Wow! Good deals!

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Great deals! I also love Cuttin Up, I think it's my fave font. I just got Life's a Beach on E-bay last night for only $30 with free shipping, I was so excited. I've been watching E-bay prices on that and Lyrical Letters for awhile and I've never seen them for BIN for less than $40.

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Wow. Great deals! I'm still so very back and forth on a cricut. I like using it when I go to crops, and like the idea of cutting letters for cards, but would I really get my money's worth out of it? I go back and forth and then back again on this.

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JEALOUS!!! Great deals...Congrats!!