Craigslist ???? (OT)

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Craigslist ???? (OT)

Anyone ever list on Craigslist? I'm listing a ton of Brooklynn's clothes and was just wondering how you usually do it. Do you meet them some where? I'm nervous about actually giving my address to anyone.

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I've used it once, and she had a time setup that she would be at the mall, for 2 hours in the food court and everyone that bought from her that week had to get their items during that time frame.


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I sell and buy on there a LOT!! I do give my addy, after I have talked to someone and set up a time. I have sold lots of big items though, so you almost have to give addy. However, i never allow anyone to come when DH is not home, so it's always evenings or weekends. Ebay is a good way to sell too Shelly, particularly clothes. I'm looking for 2T winter items for Kiki, so if you don't sell them, let me know what you want and maybe we can work out a deal.

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I've met people and I've had people come to the house. I try to coordinate the house pickups for when DH is also home. But I've never really dealt with anyone freaky on craigslist, and I've sold a ton of stuff.

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We sold a changing table (they came to the house when DH and my dad were at the house) and I sold a crictu cartridge. I gaver her my phone number and told her to call me when she was close and I met her at Starbucks.

eta: Good luck. I've put kids clothes up on craigslist and e-bay a few times and never got a single bite.

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I've done lots of craigslist and never worried to much about the house thing. It is not like they have my personal information or any info that some person off the street couldn't easily have. I just make sure I have the stuff outside or in the garage so they don't come into my house.

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I sold my car on there! I couldn't believe it but it was sold within a day of posting it!!! I would highly recommend it. I was actually thinking of going through some of my stuff and see if we can get anything for it. Good luck!

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So far the things that I have sold I have been able to meet them somewhere. I did buy some kids clothes from a girl and I ended up going to her house.
I would definitely have Dh home if I ever needed them to come to the house for something.

Good luck!

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I have bought and sold on there. The stuff I have sold was a bedroom set so they had to come to the house...DH couldn't be home so FIL came over to be here.

The stuff I have bought I met the people near their house or mine.

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I have bought and sold on craigslist. I have also done both - my house and meeting. Either works for me. Depends on the buyer or seller.

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we have sold alot on Craigslist and usually my DH meets them if its something small, but we sold a massage chair one time and the guy came and got it from our apt. he was normal though Smile he was actually a pedi looking to put it in his waiting room! lol

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"K9Trainer" wrote:

I'm looking for 2T winter items for Kiki, so if you don't sell them, let me know what you want and maybe we can work out a deal.

I only have 12 & 18 mos stuff. Sorry! Brooks is so stinkin small so she is just getting into 24mos stuff. Even then alot of the 24mos stuff falls off of her. LOL

Thanks ladies! I've decided that since it's just clothes I am going to make them meet me at the gas station up the road plus a couple of people have asked to have it shipped. So they will pay using Paypal and I will just drop it in the mail. So far I've listed about half the stuff and most of it is already called for. Yippee! We are taking our eldest daughter on a suprise trip for her 16th bday and this will help pay for it.

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Glad you're selling it!!