Crazy Faces

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Crazy Faces

Just did a page this afternoon, first in ages it seems. Anyhow, DH says it's just okay, but the kids like it. Not sure how I feel about it. I feel like it needs something else, but I don't know what. The kit is from the Divine Digital daily download for November.

Andrew and Jordan were all about getting their faces painted at Celebrate Mama (local vendor showcase). We had to wait a longtime for our turn, but it was totally worth it!
November 15, 2008

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I think it's great! I think if you added much to it it might take away from the actual face painting....which is awesome btw. They look so cool!:D

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I agree with Karen here. The pictures are so cool that if you add much more it would take away from them. I love the rays!

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How cool! I could never get my face painted, it was too itchy Wink Im amazed that they could have that much paint on! The page is just fine the way it is. I agree with the other ladies that if you put anything else on it, it would be too busy.

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I love the face painting! My kids had their faces painted the exact same way. It was at a pumpkin farm in our area. Love the page too!

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Love that page. So cute they are and that page too!

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I like it b/c it draws all the attention to the photos which is the whole point! I love it! Biggrin