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Thread: Creative Memories shape cutter

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    Default Creative Memories shape cutter

    Those of you who have one......

    Is it difficult to use?

    Why are there three different colored blades?

    Do you think it's worth the money?

    I saw it on the creative memories website for $26 for the blades and mat. I was looking at different shaped templates on Ebay to buy for it. I don't want to go crazy buying stuff if it's difficult to use, because I'll probably never use it if it's too complicated---I'm a busy person! LOL

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    Hello! I used to sell Creative Memories, and the shape cutter is a very good tool. I love it. The different color blades are different sizes. Meaning how far you want to cut from the template itself. the blades are at different measurements from the template, therefore creating slightly different sizes. (does that make sense?)

    Right now I only have the oval shape, and it is really easy to use. There have only been 2 or 3 times where i have torn the paper. I was going to fast. You do need to somewhat take your time, I think that goes with any type of cutting system. But you don't have to be a snail.

    Good luck in your search for what you need.

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    I have one and I think it is worth every penny. You use the different blades so that you can use the same shape to make a mat for a picture without putting really any thought into the measurement. Just cut the picture with the narrow blade and use the same shape to cut the mat with the wide blade, and presto.
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    Oh, I love it! I have the circles, ovals, star, and hexagon-like thing. I also have the curvy one too.

    do practice first, but you'll get the hang of it.

    there are three blades so you can get different size cuts. and that's great for matting on identical shapes.

    yep, worth every penny!
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    I say it's worth every penny! I use mine almost everytime I scrap and have never had a problem.
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