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Creative Memories (XP)

Does anyone use this company for their scrapbooking needs? I used to be a consultant, and I really do believe in their products, and I am considering joining up as a consultant again this month... I love the discount and believe in the product, but I would like to make a few bucks from it as well... I just want to feel everyone out and find out if you do use the company products, or, if not... why? I'm trying to decide if it's worth it for me to invest my money and time into this, knowing I will have to do a little bit of sales in order to make a profit. TIA for your input!

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I love their cutter system. That's all I've tried of CM, but I love it! So, yes, I'd be interested in seeing more of their stuff. Good luck if you decide to join. Direct sales can be rewarding if you put a lot of time and energy into it. (I've sold Pampered Chef since I was 18 years old) I don't do shows anymore, so I am basically in just to buy stuff for myself. If you plan on using a lot of the products, then it would be worth it just for the discount! Do you have a group of girls you crop with? They would probably love to have someone to order their stuff from direct.

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I don't use their products because I can't afford them. Everything I own ( supplies and tools) were bought on 50% off sales at Hobby Lobby or if they were not it was because I was given a gift card or found a really good coupon code. I scrap on a budget and just can't afford CM stuff. Just like I LOVE stampin' up stuff a LOT but only have a few things from there because I just can't justify the expense!

ETA: Good luck though if you do it, I know a lot of people aren't on such a strict budget and really enjoy the products!

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I don't own any of their product, mainly b/c I don't know anyone who sells it. I am sure they have amazing stuff, but from what I have heard they are pricey, and that's something I can't buy. I only buy stuff on sale or I save up for it.

GL if you decided to join again! I would love to see some stuff though! Biggrin

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I am a consultant too and although I love the products and the discount, it's really tough to make the sales each quarter. I really need to step up my business and expand my customer base. Not really easy with a one year old, but I'll take advantage of grandma's daycare:) Let me know if you have any specific questions. I know a couple other women on the May '07 board are consultants.

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I buy everything on sale too so I'm no help. All the best though!

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I haven't used their products, but probably only b/c I've never been to one of the parties. GL with your decision. I actually thought about it, but didn't go any farther with the thought. I don't know if you have to invest any of your own money in it, but if you do, be careful. I don't want to sound like my mom, but I know the scrapbooking industry is down somewhat, in fact my favorite store in Iowa City is closing:(


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I have a CM paper cutter and I really like it a lot. However, I don't really care for their stickers; I don't think they have enough choices. I also agree with others that they are expensive.