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creativity funk....

Is exactly what I am in. I feel like all my pages look alike. I was eye balling all of your work at the virtual crop and it makes me want to be more creative. I wish Randall could have watched Ruthie, so I could have participated, but oh well. She is feeling better, so I *might* pull my stuff out, but I need to vacuum and do dishes and cook dinner.

I go to sketch sites, and I look at other pages, but I feel like my pictures are always in the same spot on every page. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks ladies!

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I feel that way a lot. But if it makes you feel any better, I went over your pages and I don't think they are all the same. The are quite different actually!! Browsing the sketch sites and galleries sure helps me when I'm in a slump.

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Sometimes I feel like that too. But, then I think oh well, it's just my style. It's ok!

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Oh, I'm sorry you are feeling that way. Why don't you find a page you can scraplift that has the right number of pictures on it and just do it?

Overall, don't worry. Your pages are always so cute. I like what Ashley said. Smile

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I get that way a lot that's why this weekend was so great. I really needed somebody to say "here is a sketch, now do it." Although at first I was a little intemedated but it worked. I have a hard time picking sketches myself, because like you I seem to be drawn to the same type over and over again. Maybe we should start a weekly sketch challenge on here.

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"momandteacher" wrote:

Maybe we should start a weekly sketch challenge on here.

I think thats a good idea!

I also get into creative funks where I think all my pages look the same. But usually for me that's because they are- it's hard scrapbooking for 4 different kids and still try to be original. What I do is I take a break and make a card or do some other project that doesnt usually involve pictures and that helps a bit.

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I love the idea of a weekly sketch!

Sketches really helped me get out of my creative slump this past weekend!

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A good scrapbook idea book might help. I have this book and only paged through the 1st few pages and already have gotten a lot of different ideas I want to do on my next pages.

Go visit your local book store! HTH

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I think a sketch challenge would be super too!
I am always getting into slumps where I feel like all my pages are the same.

Your pages are always so darn cute Sadie. You do great work!

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You have done some beautiful work - I have even marked quite a few to scraplift, but I do know how you feel. I get that way far too often. Smile I go to sites like this and rifle through my magazines when I need inspiration.

Oh ... and I would LOVE a sketch challenge!!! They always make me look at my same old supplies in new ways. Smile