Crib Help! (OT XP)

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Crib Help! (OT XP)

We have acquired a Bonavita "Carla" crib with drop down sides from a friend. It has all of the pieces and parts, but no instructions! Been looking for some online, but the model has been discontinued and I cant find them anywhere. Does anyone else have this crib who could help me? Thanks!!!

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Sorry, not a lot of help. Have you actually tried calling the company to see if they can get the instructions for you or even googling the model for the instructions.

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I would say....Google, google, google!!! I also "acquired" a crib with no instructions and even thought it was a few years old and they didn't make it any longer the manufacturer had old instruction manuals online.

What is the make and model info? I might be able to find something for it

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You can contact the company directly and request instructions.....

[email][/email] if that email addy doesn't work here's the direct link i found it on
hope that helps!!!

bonavita cribs are awesome.... We got the 3 in 1 convertible Sheffield for ds and have loved it. A couple friends have bonavita cribs and love them. We're going to get another bonavita 3 in 1 convertible for the baby just haven't decided on the model yet.

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Thanks ladies! I've emailed the manufacturer and I'm waiting to hear back from them. Called the friends and it seems we are missing a piece - that would explain it! Have to go back and get that one.