Cricket vs. Crycut

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Cricket vs. Crycut

Okay I'm confused...I've been calling the cricut ...cry-cut but a few people have mentioned to me it's pronounced cricket. I understand a Cricket is their "mascot"...

But I think about it this way..Geico is pronounced Guy-co not gecko because of their mascot.

Am I just completely lost?

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I pronounce it cricket as in the bug, and that's the only way I've ever heard it pronounced too. Smile

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I think it's cricket, too. Smile Although my slightly dyslexic friend first thought it was circuit. LOL

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I've always wondered that too.... I called it the "cry-cut" before I was corrected on it.

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It's "cricket" according to the infomercial.

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i used to call it the cry-cut too. but yeah it is like the bug.