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Cricut Cart

Well after dh bugging me I have the accent essentials cart on the way from custom crops! :eek: When I was first telling him about getting the cricut and telling him I had to decide between the big bug or the lil bug he told me if I wanted to get both, he thought I needed both,crazy man, lol. So after informing him, he understood. Well he asked me last night if I needed anything else for my cricut and I told him I would like some more carts. So he said go ahead and order the accent ess. cart and then next week when this other online store gets more stock in I can order two more!!! Yay!!

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awesome!! how fun--and what a great DH

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I think I heard somewhere if you order 2 directly from Cricut, they will send you a free one???? Is that true???

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that's awesome!!

they had a deal running where you buy two (from anywhere online, I think) and you got a third free. but I think that ended.

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I love that cartridge from what I've seen Gwen do with it!! Good for you!! That will be the next one I get too. Can't wait to see what you do with it. And what a good hubby you have there. Biggrin

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Can your hubby have a talk with my hubby? Wink (Just kidding - my hubby is pretty good about this kind of stuff too)

Awesome! Can't wait to see what you create with all your new stuff!

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I know I read on cricuts website about that special but its over! Well I think dh feels like he owes it to me since I'm the stay at home person, yes he works 40hrs a week but I'm left at home to clean, cook, take care of kids, buy groceries, etc... So yeah I feel loved, lol. Now if I could just get motivated to scrap I'd be doing good Smile

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:eek: I need your DH to talk to mine. He finally sees how much I want one, so when our refund comes back, it is MINE! Lol I am glad you are getting what you want!!!

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I am sooo jealous!!! That's so awesome!! I just saw the AC Moore ad for next week... all cricut carts are $50! (wonder if that includes the accent one - or if they even have that one!) What other ones do you have your eyes on???

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You have a good man there.