Cricut Cartridges

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Cricut Cartridges

I know this has been asked before, but I want to ask again! Biggrin

What cartridges do you have?

Which one is your favorite?

What do you like about each one?

I am looking at cartridges, just to get an idea of which one I want. I really like a few, and I am having a hard time choosing which one.

Thanks ladies! Looking forward to your answers!

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What cartridges do you have? Alphalicious, George, Jasmine and Fabulous Finds.

Which one is your favorite? I use Alphalicious the most when doing titles (as you probably noticed!), so that would probably have to be my favorite.

What do you like about each one?
1. Fabulous finds: Makes the coolest mini-albums, tags, paper clips, etc. in no time! I love the crafts I can do with it for gifts!
2. George, well, guess you's got the great basics.
3. Jasmine: Very nice elegant font for a change and I love how I can cut photo corners with it, which I have been using a lot.
4. Alphalicious: Great cart all around! My favorite font!

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What cartridges do you have?

Cuttin' Up
Paper Dolls

All Mixed Up & Zooballoo are on their way

Which one is your favorite?

Cuttin' Up

What do you like about each one?

Teardrop - it has really cute butterflies but I don't use it all that much
George - basic letters and shapes, very useful! (comes with the regular Cricut)
Alphalicious - oh, the crowns are so much fun! And I love the font
Cuttin' Up - the letters are my favorite - I love how I can vary them with the shadow and stuff
Celebrations - great for card making but I know I haven't maximized the potential of this one
Paper Dolls - super cute! But a lot of work to print everything out in different colors (and it's hard to sometimes find the right combination of buttons to cut out what I want)

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Ohh nice thread. DH is having me research the best deal on a cricut, so I was looking at what cartridges would be great to have.

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I have Alphalicious, George, and Cursive. The cursive has cute puzzle pieces and would be super useful if you have the design studio. Alphalicious is just such a fun font. I just ordered Doodlecharms because there are so many basic pictures on it like bugs, holidays, cupcakes, and more. The next on my list is Paper Dolls. Besides being able to make the character dolls, the cartridge also has elements that go with the characters like a unicorn for a knight, dinosaur for a caveman, teepee for an indian, etc. They make a stamp set for paper dolls that has different facial expressions that you can stamp right on it.

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What cartridges do you have?
- George and basic shapes
- Cricut Sampler (came with my cricut - it has a few things from a bunch of different carts)
- Christmas Cheer
- Base Camp
- Zooballoo
- Doodlecharms (just came in the mail today!!)

(wow, that's a lot of cartridges, especially since I just bought it in December!!) Lol

Which one is your favorite?
-So far, ZOOBALLOO!!! (I can't wait to play with my doodlecharms though)

What do you like about each one?
-George -> it's ok.. I like to use it for the shapes it has.. not a big fan of the font (especially since it's all caps!)
-Cricut Sampler -> It's got a lot of things from various carts, (some from the New Arrival cart, Paper Pups, fabulous finds...) - you can't buy this one though - it was a special cart made for the infomercial.
-Christmas Cheer -> two words: CHRISTMAS PAGES!!!
-Base camp -> i like the basic upper and lowercase letters
-zooballoo -> LOVE EVERYTHING about it! I love the font because it's a playful font - good to use on lots of kid pages - and the animals are so cute! (especially the monkey!) It also has some other cool graphics that you can use with your pages such as grass, vines, clouds, mountains... (check out the pic!)

-Doodlecharms -> Haven't had a chance to play with it yet... but I love the fact that it has a bunch of holidays mixed in there, with some summer fun stuff, and outdoorsey things as well.

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Oh, and I wanted to tell you that if you go to the customcrops website ( , and you click on the cartridges, they show you what's on each cartridge - in color! That way you can get a better idea of how the images will look.

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What cartridges do you have? I have......
Walk in my garden
Accent Essentials
Animal Kingdom
Plantin Schoolbook

Which one is your favorite? My favorite, well I love alphalicious, the font is wonderful, I also love my accent essentials

What do you like about each one?
Walk in my garden- Love all the flower shapes
Accent Essentials- Love the scrolls
Zooballoo- Like thats there's a animal for each letter, its going to come in handy when I do this abc book
Alphalicious- Love the font and the crown
Jasmine- It cuts very well for big projects, its not so good cutting small like 2 inches the lettering is so very fragile then.
Animal Kingdom- Still waiting for this one to grow on me, the animals are cute. Dh picked this one out by the way.
Plantin Schoolbook- Love the font.