Cricut Cartridges

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Cricut Cartridges

I just got an email from Custom Crops about their new sale. They have a ton of cartridges on sale for $29.99. They even have a few Disney cartridges on sale for $34.99.

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Oh I know! I just need maternity clothes more though.....:confused:

Maybe, just maybe, I can figure out a way to get a new cartridge. Off to ask another cartridge question!

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really?? Off to check....

but I really don't need any more. With my girlfriend's carts and mine combined we have 10!! And she lives so close to me, that we are always sharing now!

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Ooooo, I might have to tell (for x-mas)! HAHAHA!

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Oh if only I had a working cricut. I just can't justify spending money when mine isn't working.