Cricut Cartridges?

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Cricut Cartridges?

Hello everyone!!! Did you miss me? LOL It's been 4 months since I last visited, I'm so sorry. I have so much to share, but that will come later. I have a lot of picture taking to do. LOL

Those who shop for Cricut cartridges, would you please share what your favorite websites to order from are? I'm looking for the cheapest or most reasonable. Thanks for your help.

I've bookmarked this page on my DH's computer, so I shall visit more often. Smile

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I have never ordered from but hear it is

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Ditto! I have ordered from both and have had good service with both! Sign up for their eMail lists -- especially on ohmycrafts. There's a 20% off your entire purchase code sent nearly everyday!

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Hallmark scrapbook,, and DH has ordered a few from ebay.

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Posts: 4065 Good to know you can sign up for coupons. Thanks Ashley!