Cricut Gypsy question

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Cricut Gypsy question

Is the Gyspsy worth it if I have a Create (versus if I had the E)? I feel like my life would be easier if I could plan out cuts ahead of time without pulling out all the boxes, manuals, etc. And I could use it on car trips (think, 1 hour to the ILs house) or while chillin' on the couch... I keep telling myself I am not supposed to spend money right now...but...that other little voice is saying how great it would be. Any thoughts, those of you who have one?

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I think it would be worth it. Now I have an expression, but I would use it just as much with the create. I use it to plan everything, then I write down what size papers I need for each color, then I turn the gypsy back on and put my paper on my mat and hit cut. While it is cutting, I usually try to clean up a little or start some other project.
I use my gypsy in the car, while watching the Tv and sometimes while in bed. Smile

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I love what the Gypsy does...the size of your machine doesn't matter. My friend helps me design so much with her Gypsy and I'm able to use it on my Create without a problem. I love the welding...especially of any image on multiple carts. Sooo awesome!! I'd love to get one for myself next Christmas...

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I love, love, love mine! I sit on the couch and design stuff and just save it til I'm ready to cut. One of my faves about it!

I also love-

1. not having to find all the carts (my BFF actually borrowed them Lol
2. the search feature will find what I have and I don't have to thumb through the books
3. Love that I can plan out where I'm putting things on the mat and compare the screen and then lay all my paper hit cut and do nothing til its all cut out
4. like Charys said the welding is awesome! And you can think one thing from one cart and something else from another and weld them too.
5. There are a wealth of ladies on the cricut boards that have made things and share their files with you so you can upload them and cut them out. I have several different containers that I have saved from there.

I think you would enjoy it just as much with a Create.

My gripes about it (not near enough to not have one though):
1. I know its meant to be portable but I wish the screen size was a little bigger.
2. I'm left handed and it has an option to flip everything but the scrolling side doesn't change so I get frustrated when I try to scroll b/c my hand covers the screen (not a lefty, not problem ;))
3. I had a couple of carts that didn't link. I got mine when they 1st came out and I think they have figured alot of that out. They are great in that if you call they will send you a new cart if yours wont link. The only problem they haven't solved is about George. It wont link on mine and lots of ladies on the cricut board have the same issue. I've been waiting a long time for them to load an update to fix that. And most of the boxes I have saved, the ladies used George to build them. So until I get it linked, I can't cut from it.

HTH! Sorry its so long. I would urge ANYONE to eat beans and save money for one!!!!!!!

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"sewgirly" wrote:

I would urge ANYONE to eat beans and save money for one!!!!!!!


thanks for the info ladies. yeah, after reading about it and checking out the cricut boards about it, I am convinced I want one...and the price has gone down, especially if you get it when there is a sale running.

my bday is in september, and I will probably wait until then. I will ask for bday money instead of gifts, and wait for a sale to get it. I *could* buy it now, but we are really trying to pay off some things and save...I will be picking up some more work with another company (in addition to my current job), so hopefully that will help matters. I would be a hypocrite if I bought it right now, as I am constantly on DHs case about curbing his spending on games, eating out for lunch at work, etc.

well my bday is less than 6 months away...something to look forward too Biggrin