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Cricut price

How much is a decent price for Cricuts? Theres a bunch on e-bay all going for about $120 with shipping. Just wondering because I have a 25% off coupon for a scrapbooking store but I've never been there so I don't know pricing. All I know is the expressions machine at Michaels was close to $300 and thats too much for me.

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I paid $184 at Wal-Mart for mine. I look on ebay, but I was worried about getting scammed. Yes, I am still leery of that place, unless it is something cheap. They had a sale the day I bought mine at Custom Crops for $145 or something like that, but I had already bought mine. HTH!

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Thanks Sadie.

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I got mine from the custom crops website for 150 on is normally 165

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I paid WAAAAAAY too much for mine! (don't get it from the informercial!) Lol

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I paid 289 for the expression but like sadie said the regular bug is only 189 at walmart. You said you have a coupon, just make sure you can use it on the cricut. I know joanns, michaels & hobby lobby wont let you use coupons on the cricut. I don't know if you like craigslist but I know I've seen alot of people selling the regular cricut cheap because they have bought the expression.