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Cricut question

Okay, I have no money, but I am dying to get a cricut. Obviously the expression has more features, but I want to get opinions on the different models. i.e. is the personal pretty good, or am I better saving longer for the expression?

Thanks! Also, what carts are must have. What does the jutbox do?

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I have the Expression, for only about a $100 difference, I went w/ the big one. You do have the option to get bigger cuts. If you want more detail, I'd go to to compare the 2 sizes. The jukebox allows you to plug into 6 carts at one time w/o having to change out the cart everytime. I'm passing on the jukebox.

As far as "must have" carts, my must have's are Doodletype, Opposites Attract & Fabulous Finds.


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Ok, personally, I just have the personal one and that's all I need. I don't need something to cut as big as the expressions. That's just my honest opinion. Now, if I did, I would love to have the expressions, but I don't need it.

As for carts- I love my Jasmine & Beyond Birthdays. The others I have are George & Christmas Cheer. I am not as fond of those.
I am not sure what the jutebox does....sorry. :confused:

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I have the Expression and I totally love it. I like having the option of making bigger cuts if I want to. One day when I have more time I plan to make some wall art with vinyl and I think it will help a lot to be able to make bigger cuts. I also like how the LCD screen shows you exactly what you are going to cut. As far as the Jukebox goes, I'm passing on it because I don't have a problem with switching between cartridges (although perhaps if I start using my Cricut more I might change my mind).

I have Doodlecharms (this one is a must have, imo), George, Accent Essentials, Plantin Schoolbook, Mickey and Friends, Alphalicious, Tear Drop, Christmas Cheer, Animal Kingdom, and New Arrival. I honestly have not used all of the cartridges that I have yet, but I got them for good deals that I couldn't pass up.

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I have been very happy with my personal up until it went out, but hopefully the new cord will fix things.

The cartriges I oculdn't do without? Alphalicious, Zoo Balloo, and Stretch your Imagination. I also skipped out on the jukebox. I just didn't see the pint. Changing cartriges is not a big deal.

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Thanks ladies! I'll have to do some sweet talking to dh for either, but at least I have some ammo. Maybe it can be a joint Christmas/Birthday gift...for the next 2 years:)

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I really love my Home Accents cart too, and use it all.the.time. I hope you can get one!

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You'll have to keep your eye out for the Black Friday sales! I really want a Cricut too. I guess I should just ask for gift cards for Christmas!