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Who has one and do you recommend it?
Right now I have nothing to set my eyelets with so I have a bunch that I don't use. I was really looking at getting one of these soon.

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i just recently got one and only used it a couple times so far.... i like it

if u are going to buy one i would get one from ac moore with the 50% off coupon (if u have an ac moore by you) or any other scrapping place with a coupon

they retail typically for anywhere between 18 and 30 depending on if you buy just the crop-a-dile or something with it. i think i only paid something like 9 for mine?

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I have one and I love mine!!! I had the 3 set by fiskars and to me it was cr*p!!

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I just bought one today! Now I can't wait to try it out!

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Let me know how it works. I'm very curious.

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Dumb Question: What's a crop-a-dile? I've never heard of one of these. Am I living in the dark ages, lol?

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Here is a link to one

I only recently heard about it so don't feel bad. I did try it once last night and it was soooo easy to use. Now I need more eyelets!