Crop night projects

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Crop night projects

Here's what I got accomplished last night. Wink

Thanksgiving '06 (I feel like I should outline the white letters with another color, but not sure if I will get around to it). And I really wish this picture had turned out better, but there's nothing I can do about that almost a year after it was taken. Wink

Jordan's first day of school

My Baby Grand

Two Christmas ornaments inspired by Tina BizKid1. Wink

And here's the revised layout I made last week with the matted picture of DH and Jordan.

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Usually I like outlining my white letters, but in your case on the Thanksgiving page, all the colors are soft, so I really like it. It makes the picture POP! The Baby Grand page is cute!! Aren't those ornaments fun to make? I've made one for all my inlaws.

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I really like the Thanksgiving one. I think the letters look great! I wouldn't change it! I bought paper to make the ornaments, but haven't gotten around to it yet!

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They pages turned out nice. I really like the baby grand one. The letters probably would be better outlined, but it is a cool affect the way it is as well.

Way to go!

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I really like all three of them.. especially the one of the baby grand... sooo cute!!!! the ornaments are nice too...

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They all look great! I think the Thanksgiving one looks fine just as it is - and I love the baby grand one!