crop is over but

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crop is over but

I'm still scrappin. Here are 2 more LOs I did this evening. I figured I had better keep going while I still had the bug.

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Ohhhhh - those are beautiful. I love how vibrant the colors are! Great job!!!

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Awww, those are sweet. I love the bright colors.

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GREAT choice of colors! I adore them both! Great work and way to keep going! Biggrin

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those are great! and look at you going until the very end. Wink love the colors you used, wonderful layouts!

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Nice job! I love them both. In the future, I may have to use that saying you used in the first one - that's just so cute.

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Those are PRECIOUS! I love the bold colors and pics and quotes!

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ohhh CUTE!!!

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Super layouts!!

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WOW! These are really FABULOUS!!! The colors are so rich and go so perfectly with your photos. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!


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those are great

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great job

and great sayings... are they something you just came up with or did you get them from a certain website??? (would love to know)