Cross your fingers for us ladies!

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Cross your fingers for us ladies!

We wen house hunting yesterday and found a house we really liked. It was kind of funny because the real estate guy went to unlock the door while we got the kids out of the car and he's like "you better come take a look at this before you get the kids out- it's kind of rough" And yes it is, but old kind of rough, not abused. We loved how big the rooms are, especially the dining room and living room. It's got 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. So we had him put in an offer for us tonight, and hopefully we will know by friday! I forgot to take camera with, so I stole these pictures from the internet, and excuse my floorplans, they aren't the best, but you get the idea!



edited to add: In case you can't tell I'm celebrating, and I apologize for any and all spelling and grammatical errors.

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Oh that would be so neat!! I hope you get it! KUP ok?

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Looks really big and spacious!! Good Luck!!!

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Yeah! Hope it works out.

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wow! That living room is HUGE! It doesn't even look that "rough" to me either. Hope you get it.

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How exciting! I hope you get it!

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"rough"??? What?!? Looks like a pretty good house to me! That Living Room looks spatious!! Wow, that 4th bedroom looks HUGE! Let us know how it goes! (i definetly don't miss the snow!!) haha...

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If you think that's rough, you should see my house!!! Lol Looks like you would have plenty of room! KUP! GL!