cupcake embellishment holder

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cupcake embellishment holder

I found these cupcake holders and just loved the simple feel of it. I bought some silver cupcake things lol (forgot what they are called) and filled them with random embellishments for my scrapbook room. I also got 2 more to fill with random embellishments that I don't use and I am going to put it on ebay for 14.99. Do any of you think that is too much?? Here is the pic of mine. I want to switch the silver cups to pink ones.




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what a cute idea! i would never think to use one of those for is so neat though Smile

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I have a cupcake tree but I like that one better! Hmm... let me know when you list them. Wink

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very clever! I saw something like that in one of my magazines, and thought it was so neat. and I think that's a good price for ebay. make sure you get the shipping estimate right, you don't want to lose money on that.

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Ditto to what Gwen said about shipping! Very cute, and I'd never think to do something like that. That'd be a great gift for someone.

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You're so stinkin' clever! Love it!

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Neat idea!

Good luck selling them!

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Awesome Tia!!

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Oh, that is CUTE!